Summer happenings

Tonight I sat down with my calendar and realized school is less than two weeks away. I had so many plans for summer and only a few days left to enjoy them. Ari starts middle school this year and I am so nervous about the choices and paths that lay ahead. Middle school is so rough for everyone I think! I pray that he can find a few good friends and a hobby he loves. That reminds me of President Hinckley who said that we all need a friend, a job to do and to be nurtured by the good word of God. So applicable here! I’m feeling a shift in my job as a mother…the cooking and cleaning is still there but I cherish the moments I’ve had this summer with the older two talking about books and the world around us.

Maya fell off her scooter and broke her arm a few weeks ago. Since she’s in a soft cast we can’t get it wet and it’s forced us to be a little more creative with our days. We’ve made trips to the library, hiked, played board games, worked in the garden, baked, done some left handed bowling and made lots of trips to the park. Last night Maya and I went on a special time to do some back to school shopping and she just loved the one on one. I did too!

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