Ikea Kitchen remodel: one year later pantry organization

I took a day of spring break today to clean out the pantry and decided I needed to share my ideas and possible get some new ones (yes! Please!) This is still one of my favorite parts of our recent kitchen remodel. When we bought our house it had a tiny kitchen and no pantry. So when we did the remodel that was a must! First of all I love how it blends in with the rest of the kitchen. We didn’t want to waste the space framing a door so we built it out of bodbyn Ikea cabinets and used three doors to make the long pantry door.

Next I built floating shelves and painted them to match the cabinets (bm paper mache). I used the instructions herehttps://sawdustgirl.com/pantry-floating-shelves/

Next the organization! I love my dollar store baskets with labels, my airtight bins and the lazy Susan in the corner for all the sauces/vinegars you don’t use that often. I got some hanging bins from Ikea that work great for potatoes and onions. They are meant for thing shelves so I drilled some holes and they still work. Also can you see I have a plug in my pantry for the toaster and wheat grinder? I love it! I also like having a big bin on the floor for bags of pasta and beans. My tubs of flour and oatmeal with gamma lids are really easy to pull out when cooking too. The top of the cabinet is open so it always stays light. That also means I can pile up chips and paper towels if needed. I don’t have all my can goods in the pantry as I like to buy sales in bulk. This is what my downstairs food storage closet looks like:

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a professional but I loved the ideas I got from the web so wanted to pass it forward. Enjoy!

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