Our trip to Kauai

It was so nice to leave the snow in utah and escape to Hawaii for a week!   We flew Nana out to babysit and it was fun to be able to spend time with the kids and go out the two of us too.

We chose to go to the island of Kauai as we heard it was the least commercialized and has the best snorkeling spots. December in Hawaii is the rainy season but it’s been nice to have overcast days and even when it does rain it’s warm and feels great.  Pete went almost the whole week without a sunburn until we went to poipu beach on Wednesday. The beach at Poipu is unique is that it has sand but it also has a protected reef right in the water. Maya and Ari both enjoyed snorkeling in this little bay that didn’t have the crazy waves but had all the beautiful fish Hawaii is famous for. Maya was excited to even see a unicorn fish!

The week before our Hawaii trip I tore my gastroc calf muscle and so I was still on crutches. This sadly limited what we could do but although we couldn’t do the hikes and canoe trips I still felt we saw everything there was to see. The first day we were there we rented a van and drove into the canyon. The view of the “little grand canyon” with the waterfall was beautiful. My favorite though was at the very end when we saw a rainbow over the Na Pali coastline.

Overall the food in Kauai wasn’t worth mentioning but we loved the tropical fruits you could get everywhere!

Eating mango and pineapple and Sadie sacked out!

The heater was out at the pool at our Marriott so we spent one day at the Marriott lagoons. We were the one ones in the whole pool and boy was it pretty!

One of our favorite days was going to tour Lydegate Farms. They call it a chocolate tour but I loved that they also showed us how they grow limes, macadamias, starfruit and vanilla beans. We also learned about lots of other tropical fruits one that even tasted like pumpkin pie! Ari the history buff loved learning about the history of chocolate and Maya loved getting to try the different kinds from different places of the world. It was so fun to see the chocolate trees with their pods growing straight off the trunks of the trees. The fruit is white and sweet while the raw cocoa seeds are very bitter. They are actually purplish and don’t turn black until they are dried and fermented. So fun!

The last day we drove way out west and saw a huge beach and ended the day with macadamia nut ice cream…ahh farewell Hawaii and back to the ice and snow

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