Grandma Halverson’s acting debut

Last weekend we went to Evanston to see Grandma in a community theater play called Agatha Christie:  Who Dunnit?  She said she always wanted to be in a play so she responded to an ad in the paper and got the part.  Dad stayed home with the littles but Maya and Ari loved it!  We sat on the front row and felt like the show was just for us.  At one part Maya laughed so hard that Grandma forgot her lines.  Ari thought for sure Grandma was the murderer but he was so tickled to learn she was the undercover detective instead!  We all laughed when Grandma reached in her pocket to pull out the handcuffs and pulled out her room key.  “Wrong pocket!” she added.   Even the actors onstage couldn’t help but laughing.

The next day we found a park with an old school merry go round.  The kids had a blast and grandma treated us all to slurpees/sodas.  So fun!


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