Connor turns five!

Today I was giving Connor a piggy back to go check out our tomatillos in our garden (he’s obsessed with salsa verde) and I commented how big he is getting.  “Don’t worry Mom” he assured me, “When I’m too big for you to carry I can always sit on your lap!”  I don’t know how that kid can have so much love in his little heart.  It is so cute to watch him with Juliet his one year old cousin as he gently holds her hand and leads her around offering her toy after toy.

It’s so fascinating to see how Connor’s mind works.  The other day he asked Dad if he could print some coins on the 3d printer because he wanted some money.  Then he thought about it and said, “Let’s print dollars on the 2d printer because those only use paper!”  He has such a math and engineering mind.  Yesterday he wanted to use his money to subscribe to prodigy an online math game.  It said it was $5/month.  Connor looked at it and said, “Oh I have $10 so I can pay for two months!”

For Connor’s birthday we did a little party with the cousins at Grandma’s house. 

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