Ari turns 10

After spending the past few years solely reading detective mysteries (Hardy Boys, Encyclopedia Brown, Boxcar children, Magic treehouse, etc) this summer Ari has discovered fantasy.  He has spent most of the summer curled up on the edge of the couch reading the Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus/Trials of Apollo series and Michael Vey.   He’s also into the Fortnite mania and if the world ever goes apocalyptic I’m sure Ari will be able to build a fort and save us all.   He and Connor have really enjoyed playing together lately and Ari helped me build a loft bed so Connor could move into his room.   I’m glad to say he still isn’t too big to build forts out legos and connor and him have had some massive battles.  He keeps saying he’s almost at tall and me and stealing my flipflops but I can still beat him in an arm wrestling match.  Maybe he should do more training at camp half-blood…

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