Spring break…not the break you would imagine!

Wow what a crazy week!  We went down Easter weekend to Goblin Valley and hiked our favorite trail Little Wild Horse.  Sadly Pete and Maya got pink eye and that combined with the crazy winds we cut our camping trip short and came back Monday.   Wednesday Maya was playing frisbee in the front yard with Ari and Connor and she broke her foot!   We thought she just broke her big toe but Thursday morning it was blue and swollen down to the middle of her foot.   Our pediatrician was concerned and sent us to primary children’s for xrays.  After consulting with the primary children’s orthopedist he called and she she fractured her growth plate and the joint is a little displaced.  She probably doesn’t need surgery or a cast but she has to wear a boot for four weeks and can’t tumble for five weeks after that.  She has been amazing through it all, going back to school this week and still being super patient with her siblings who keep accidentally bumping her sore foot.  It really is true that hard things make you stronger!

Do you see the break in the growth plate of her big toe?  The orthopedist drs were pretty impressed she just broke this playing in the yard!

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