Maya turns 8 and is baptized

Maya was so excited for her eighth birthday because she got to be baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.   One of her best friends Clara tautkus is only a day younger than her and so they got to be baptized right after each other.  It was a really sweet day.  Nana and Papa Jen and Juliet all flew out for the baptism and all her Halverson cousins and grandma and grandpa Halverson were all there too!  Maya played “When I am Baptized” on the piano and Nana gave the talk on the Holy Ghost.  Maya smiled the whole day.  After her baptism Connor asked her why she looked so happy.  She told him it was the holy ghost that make her fill so good because she was following Jesus.

Grandma Halverson’s acting debut

Last weekend we went to Evanston to see Grandma in a community theater play called Agatha Christie:  Who Dunnit?  She said she always wanted to be in a play so she responded to an ad in the paper and got the part.  Dad stayed home with the littles but Maya and Ari loved it!  We sat on the front row and felt like the show was just for us.  At one part Maya laughed so hard that Grandma forgot her lines.  Ari thought for sure Grandma was the murderer but he was so tickled to learn she was the undercover detective instead!  We all laughed when Grandma reached in her pocket to pull out the handcuffs and pulled out her room key.  “Wrong pocket!” she added.   Even the actors onstage couldn’t help but laughing.

The next day we found a park with an old school merry go round.  The kids had a blast and grandma treated us all to slurpees/sodas.  So fun!


Connor turns five!

Today I was giving Connor a piggy back to go check out our tomatillos in our garden (he’s obsessed with salsa verde) and I commented how big he is getting.  “Don’t worry Mom” he assured me, “When I’m too big for you to carry I can always sit on your lap!”  I don’t know how that kid can have so much love in his little heart.  It is so cute to watch him with Juliet his one year old cousin as he gently holds her hand and leads her around offering her toy after toy.

It’s so fascinating to see how Connor’s mind works.  The other day he asked Dad if he could print some coins on the 3d printer because he wanted some money.  Then he thought about it and said, “Let’s print dollars on the 2d printer because those only use paper!”  He has such a math and engineering mind.  Yesterday he wanted to use his money to subscribe to prodigy an online math game.  It said it was $5/month.  Connor looked at it and said, “Oh I have $10 so I can pay for two months!”

For Connor’s birthday we did a little party with the cousins at Grandma’s house. 

Ari turns 10

After spending the past few years solely reading detective mysteries (Hardy Boys, Encyclopedia Brown, Boxcar children, Magic treehouse, etc) this summer Ari has discovered fantasy.  He has spent most of the summer curled up on the edge of the couch reading the Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus/Trials of Apollo series and Michael Vey.   He’s also into the Fortnite mania and if the world ever goes apocalyptic I’m sure Ari will be able to build a fort and save us all.   He and Connor have really enjoyed playing together lately and Ari helped me build a loft bed so Connor could move into his room.   I’m glad to say he still isn’t too big to build forts out legos and connor and him have had some massive battles.  He keeps saying he’s almost at tall and me and stealing my flipflops but I can still beat him in an arm wrestling match.  Maybe he should do more training at camp half-blood…

Happiness is…

hugs and cuddles from Connor.

Sadie saying, “I love you Mom” or “Mom you’re so pretty!”

Ari’s favorite poem he’s given me, “Roses are red, violets are blue.  Chocolate is sweet but not as sweet as you.”

reading Nancy Drew with Maya as I brush her hair at night.

Yesterday at Costco Sadie was tugging on my pants almost pulling them down repeatedly.  A grandma in line behind me leaned over and said, “Dearie you know your daughter is showing off your underwear but isn’t it wonderful we have little ones to tug on us?”   I left embarrassed and practically in tears but afterwards I was thinking about what she said.  I am grateful for my little ones and though they test my patience they give me so much joy and happiness.  I feel grateful and blessed to be called their mother.

Ari reads the Book of Mormon in 30 days!

As a family we started a read the Book of Mormon in 60 days challenge.  Ari doubled the challenge and finished in 30 days.  We are so proud of him!  In the introduction to the Book of Mormon Joseph Smith said, “The Book of Mormon is the most correct of any book on earth, and the keystone of our religion, and a man would get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts, than by any other book.”   The Book of Mormon has truly helped me to know God and I hope Ari find the same peace and direction that I have found within the pages of this sacred text!

Spring break…not the break you would imagine!

Wow what a crazy week!  We went down Easter weekend to Goblin Valley and hiked our favorite trail Little Wild Horse.  Sadly Pete and Maya got pink eye and that combined with the crazy winds we cut our camping trip short and came back Monday.   Wednesday Maya was playing frisbee in the front yard with Ari and Connor and she broke her foot!   We thought she just broke her big toe but Thursday morning it was blue and swollen down to the middle of her foot.   Our pediatrician was concerned and sent us to primary children’s for xrays.  After consulting with the primary children’s orthopedist he called and she she fractured her growth plate and the joint is a little displaced.  She probably doesn’t need surgery or a cast but she has to wear a boot for four weeks and can’t tumble for five weeks after that.  She has been amazing through it all, going back to school this week and still being super patient with her siblings who keep accidentally bumping her sore foot.  It really is true that hard things make you stronger!

Do you see the break in the growth plate of her big toe?  The orthopedist drs were pretty impressed she just broke this playing in the yard!

Maya and the seven-up club

Maya has really grown the past few months.  She’s gotten a growth spurt and she’s nailing her aerials at gymnastics.   Did you know that seven in the perfect age for orthodontics?  Well if you have an underbite or crossbite that is.  Maya has a crossbite so she got an expander this week glued to the roof of her mouth.  Apparently when you are young your mouth is still pliable so in a few weeks hopefully her crossbite will be fixed.   She’s been a trooper but she does have a hard time eating…she says she’s always hungry!  She loves playing with her two BFFs Amelia and Bella and doing crafts.  Here’s some pics of her latest:

A new year a new beginning!

Whew!  We finally have a reliable webhost that I can trust with our family blog.  We’re back in business!  This blog is my journal, my way of share with family out of state…where I don’t have to be distracted by the world of facebook and instagram.  At the end of the year I can look back and see how the Lord has blessed our family.  It’s amazing how quickly you forgot the little things when they aren’t recorded along the way


One of my goals for this year is to set my focus on the temple.  Both to attend more often and help my children know the importance of the temple.  The temple is literally the house of God on earth, a place where you can go, not only to feel the spirit and be renewed but to learn and receive answers to prayers.  I love this family pic that my cousin Ashley took this year.  I blew it up on one of those canvas frames and hung it in my front room.  I love that it’s what I look at every time I come up the stairs and I can’t help but smile.   My husband and I were blessed to be married in the temple where our marriage was sealed for time and all eternity.  These beautiful children will be ours forever and I hope that this picture reminds them to make good choices so they too can marry in the temple some day.